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This page contains photographs from Ruka and the surrounding area!


Chalet Peak road, Eastern Ruka Ruka Restaurant Piste
At the top of Ruka At the top of Ruka Ruka
Northern lights

Ruka area offers plenty of activities and beautiful nature all year round. During the summer you can enjoy the speed for example by river rafting or riding a summer sled track!

Kiutaköngäs rapids:

Kiutaköngäs Kiutaköngäs Kiutaköngäs Kiutaköngäs
Kiutaköngäs Kiutaköngäs Kiutaköngäs

Distance from Kuruhovi to Kiutaköngäs parking area: about 35 km (To driving directions.)
Walking distance from the parking area to Kiutaköngäs rapids: n. 1 km

The beautiful Kiutaköngäs rapids are 325 meters long and accessible all year round. Kiutaköngäs is only one kilometer away from the parking area. The trail is open also during the winter. Oulanka Visitor Centre is located by the parking place (free entrance, also a cafeteria) Address: Liikasenvaarantie 132, 93999 Kuusamo.Map link. More information about Kiutaköngäs. Oulanka National Park Visitor Centre, opening hours.

Myllykoski rapids, Aallokkokoski rapids and Jyrävä waterfall:

Myllykoski Myllykoski Aallokkokoski in the fall Aallokkokoski in the summer
River rafting at Kitkajoki Jyrävä Jyrävä Aallokkokoski in the summer

From Kuruhovi to starting point Base Camp Oulanka: about 28 km (To driving directions)
From Base Camp Oulanka parking to Myllykoski: 0,5 km
Trail: Base Camp - Myllykoski - Aallokkokoski - Jyrävä - same route back to Base Camp: about 5 km

From Kuruhovi to starting point Juuman Retkietappi: about 27 km (To driving directions)
From Juuman Retkietappi to Myllykoski: 1,5 km
Trail: Juuman Retkietappi- Myllykoski - Aallokkokoski - Jyrävä - same route back to Juuman Retkietappi: about 7 km

The Juuma rapids: Myllykoski, Aallokkokoski and Jyrävä are located at Kitka river along the Pieni Karhunkierros trail but you can take this shorter version just to see these three rapids. There are campfires at Myllykoski and Jyrävä so bring matches if you want to grill for example sausages. To continue from Myllykoski to Jyrävä, don't cross the hanging bridge at Myllykoski. If your starting point is Juuma, you'll cross a hanging bridge at Niskakoski.
Base Camp Oulanka address: Myllykoskentie 30, 93999 Kuusamo. (Karttalinkki)
Juuman Retkietappi address: Juumantie 134, 93999 Kuusamo. (Karttalinkki)
More information about the rapids.

Pieni Karhunkierros trail:

Putaanoja Water lilies Pitkospuita Dragonfly on a causeway
Siberian jay birds are fearless Harrisuvanto Riippusilta Polkua
Putaanoja Kallioportti Kallioportti

Pienen Karhunkierros trail includes the thee rapids described below as well as plenty of other nature wonders to see! The trail is about 12 km long and the starting points are the same as described above; Juuman Retkietappi or Base Camp Oulanka.

Trails at Riisitunturi:

Riisitunturi Riisitunturi

From Kuruhovi to Riisitunturi parking area: n. 45 km (To driving directions)
Riisin Rääpäsy trail: 4,3 km

Riisitunturi National Park offers many different trails, the shortest trail is called Riisin Rääpäsy. Riisin Rääpäsy trail circles the summit of Riisitunturi, it is a circe trail and about 4,3 km long. During the winter the road to Riisitunturi parking area is kept open, the trail condition depend on visitor and snow amounts. On the way to Riisitunturi, you might want to stop by at Korpihilla cafeteria for a cup of coffee and local delicacies (Korpihilla Delicacy Shop and cafeteria address Holtinojantie 5, Riisitunturi, 97925 Tolva, Posio). More information about Riisitunturi National Park .

Lammintupa Reindeer farm:

Sleigh ride Feeding a reideer On a husky ride
Husky puppies

From Kuruhovi to Lammintupa: about 8 km (To driving directions)

You can reach the Lammintupa café & reindeer farm by skiing, skidoo or car. The cafe offers freshly baked buns and pies every day! The farm offers also reindeer and husky rides as well as snowmobiling for children. Address: Takalontie 15, 93999 Kuusamo. Check the opening hous and prices at Lammintupa homepage. Map link.


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