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Ski & weather information
Ski pass prices
Rental prices
Opening hours for slopes and lifts
Ski, track and weather information
Slope map
Ski trail information
Skidoo/snowmobile routes info

Pprobability for Northern Lights
(red bar indicates high propability,
the nearest measuring point is Sodankylä)

Ski-Bus route, prices & timetable
Ruka taxi
Airport bus

Restaurants in Ruka village area, menus & opening hours
Classic Pizza - Pizzamenu, Salad menu, Wines
Restaurant Kaltiokivi menu (English menu starting from page 7)
Restaurant Piste menu
Colorado Mts. Bar & Grill menu

Opening hours for shops, services and restaurants
Opening hours for Rukamarket
Opening hours for K-Market Rukankylä
Opening hours for Ruka Alko
Kuusamon Uistin factory shop (fishing lures)

Other services
First aid, doctor and pharmacies
Ruka bowling alley
Kuusamon Tropiikki (spa)


Weather at Ruka:





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